Motherly Love

Mommy, Ma, Aai, Mai, Mumma, Ammee, Mother, call her by whatever name, all mothers are same. A figure of love, love, and lots of love.

A person who gives unconditional, selfless love and care and has life giving quality is a mother. Someone, who keeps aside her own interests to nurture a small delicate life into a strong individual who can face the world with strength and confidence.
Mother is the first teacher to the new born.
Motherly Quote on image of parent child hands.

Mother’s soothing voice and lovable touch gives us comfort when we are in pain. Giving protection, love and care to raise a fragile being into a strong personality is motherly love.

My blog is more of the celebration/ tribute to this motherly love.

Motherly Love : Super Powerful

Mother’s love is a super power which can do miracle. Some of us have heard the story of Thomas Edison and his mother Nancy Edison.

One day Thomas Edison brought a piece of paper from school and gave it to his mother saying it’s for her given to him by his school teacher. His mother opens the letter and with tears in her eyes she read the note to her son, “Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself.”

Years later when Thomas Edison was the greatest inventor of the century and his mother died. He saw the same piece of paper at the corner in a desk. He opened it and read, “Your son is mentally ill. We won’t let him come to school anymore.”

Edison cried for hours and realized that it was his mother’s word and confidence in him that made him a genius.

Wilma Rudolph also believed her mother on the journey from sufferings from various childhood diseases to first American woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Games.


Motherly Quote on image of parent child hands.

Motherly Figure

We call nature “Mother Nature” because it has life giving qualities; it nurtures and takes care of all the living beings.

Anyone who has such type of qualities is said to have motherly qualities.

I had my mother and aunt in my life from whom I learnt the values of life. They taught me to love, live, enjoy and face the obstacles and problems of life with strength and confidence.

Me, my siblings and cousins are what we are today because of the motherly figure we had in our life, we fondly called her “Jijji”. She made no difference between a boy or a girl. She taught us equally to be strong and independent individuals. Her love and guidance steered our life with positivity and optimism.

There are thousands of stories of strong mothers or motherly figures who against all odds raised the little ones with love, care and determination and turned these young ones into strong individuals.

Some of the strong motherly figures who made great difference in the lives of less fortunate kids and inspired others,  made everyone realize that the greatest wealth needed to raise the little ones is the wealth of love and care.

Lou Xiaoying a poor and uneducated Chinese woman from Jinhua China, who scavenged recyclable for a living, saved 30 babies found abandoned among the junk on the street. She herself raised 4 out of the 30 and the rest were raised by her family and friends. She became the silent protector  of these 30 babies, though being poor she helped and gave a respectable life to these poor little souls who were left to die by their biological parents.

Mother Of Orphans


My mother’s day article will be incomplete without the mention of “Mother of Orphans” Sindhutai Sapkal of Maharashtra. A beautiful human being who was left alone to take care of herself and her newborn baby girl at a very young age. She started begging at a railway station for food for herself and her baby. Soon she found that there were many orphans around the railway station. She started taking care of them and started begging for food for all these orphans and she not only provided food to these orphans but she raised them good and gave them education as well. Soon she became Mai to more than 1500 kids. Imagine a poor homeless woman raised these kids and made them Doctors and Lawyers.

Mothers love is so powerful it’s the determination and love of Sindhutai that became the wealth for many young orphans. Today these homeless kids got mothers love which turned these poor souls into strong members of the society who are now ready to give their love and care back to the society.

Imagine what would have happened to these kids had there be no mother figure in their lives. Today her daughter a PhD runs orphanage of her own.

God created Mother because he couldn’t be everywhere.

For me Mother’s Day is a celebration of all these Mothers and Motherly figure who raised these young ones with their wealth of love, care and guidance, turned them into strong confident individual ready to face the world and give back to the society. Thus, greatly contributed to the society.

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