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Alfred Nobel on Contentment


Alfred Nobel or Alfred Berhnard Nobel was world-known inventor, businessman, chemist, engineer and philanthropist. He was the inventor of dynamite. He also invented gelignite that is more stable and powerful than dynamite. Another explosive ballistite was also invented by him.

Beyond his thought-

‘If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.’  

Alfred Nobel held over 350 different patents had established over 90 armaments factories.

Alfred wished to be remembered after his death in a positive light. He allocated 94% of his total assets, around 31,225,000 Swedish kronor to established Nobel Prizes. Alfred was skilled in six languages namely Swedish, Russian, French, English, German and Italian.

Nobelium, a synthetic chemical element is named in honor of Alfred Nobel. The Monument to Alfred Nobel created in his honor in Saint Petersburg, is located along the Bolshaya Nevka River on Petrogradskaya Embankment.

One of  Alfred Nobel’s  Great Musings :


Contentment doesn’t mean to be satisfied only on the materialistic front. It means to be at peace with wherever you are and whatever you have. 

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