How Prayers Get Answered? The Power Of A Mother’s Prayer

Prayer is a common practice followed by majority of people throughout their lives. When asked why do you pray, some call it a religious duty while some feel it gives them the spiritual peace. Prayers help us to believe in a Supreme Power which looks after the world. Prayers give us the psychological assurance that the Supreme power will help us in time of need. It is believed that prayer can do miracle. Here, I am sharing my story depicting the ‘ The Power Of A Mother’s Prayer.’

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“Prayer changes us in many ways that we never thought would be possible. When we are unhappy, prayer can lift our hearts and fill it with unspeakable joy.” – Julia Bristol

Do prayers really get answered?

Well it’s a million dollar question. And ‘Yes’, they definitely get answered even if the answer, sometimes, is No.

Prayer is an expression of our reverence for the universe, our awe towards forces that are greater than ourselves. There are so many religions and so many different objects of worship. However, prayer is the only medium which is common for everyone.

Prayers strengthen life force and sharpens the mind.

Prayers have amazing psychological power. The confidence you get from prayers, helps you leverage your inner potential and wisdom and you are able to excel in other aspects of your life. Faith and Prayer are the engines that fuel our efforts.

Why some prayers are not answered immediately?

You cannot expect to get a salary unless you work.

A delay sometimes helps in necessary introspection thus bringing a change in our lives and behavior.

Here is an example: If you like gardening, you plant a seed and water it every day, but it still takes a long time for it to grow into a tall tree.

May be this Japanese proverb will help in better understanding of time and patience.

“Peaches and chestnuts take three good years, persimmons take eight.”

It is important to note that even though the concept of Prayer looks simple, in reality it is not. Prayers always reflect your state of mind. It has the power to move the mountains, but only if your Ichinen (determination) is strong.

My story

I have very good relations with my children. My son who was very good in studies in the beginning; all of a sudden started losing interest in studies in class 12th. This change resulted in low score in his exams. I couldn’t understand what went wrong. I got anxious about his future and whenever discussed his study and exams the discussion turned into argument. Gradually the quarrel and arguments started to increase. A time came when his confidence was shattered. He lost faith in himself. I was very much worried about his board exam. In addition, I became very impatient and short tempered towards my son and it caused a lot of family issues.

The power of a mother’s prayer


I do perform prayers at home but I realized I had to pray for my son with determination without a gap.

Meanwhile, I had heard from many of my friends that we can change our life through chanting ‘Nam myoho renge kyo‘, spiritual words of Nichiren Buddhism (Buddhism adopted by Japanese). But I didn’t believe it. Still, one day I thought, let’s take a chance and started to chant daimoku. After starting, for a few months my practice was very irregular. I was told:

“The first thing is to pray. From the moment we begin to pray things start moving. The darker the night, the closer the dawn. From the moment we chant daimoku with a deep and powerful resolve, the sun begins to rise in our hearts.”

I started to chant sincerely by taking time from my busy schedule of teaching in a school. One of my leaders helped me to frame my prayers. I took determination to do my daimoku regularly. As I started praying regularly, it helped me reflect on my past few months with my son. While I started feeling confident about our lives, I was able to see some of the mistakes we had made and also an alternate way of motivating my son. This really helped me change our lives.

Today, I am very happy to report that my son not only cleared class 12 in first division but also cleared on merit basis for BBA-LLB (honors) entrance exam.


In the words of William Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

As we live our lives, we are constantly fighting different battles on different fronts. We are being pulled and pushed by different forces. In this chaos we need a medium to connect with ourselves and also with the Supreme Power that runs the world. Prayer is that medium.

Prayers do get answered and if they are powerful enough, they do miracles.

Have you experienced the power of a Prayer in your life? Do reply in the comments box below.


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  1. Nancy

    I love this greatmusings now more then ever…past few posts of your site is in simple and easy language and related to mostly everyone like me….hope,positivity, prayer…is a common topic which mostly touch each individual…we are looking for something soothing daily….that can energize us for next day….give positivity and hope for our next step,next move of our lives…..soo…thank you?? for bringing such articles .

    1. Great Musings

      Glad to know your thoughts on Great Musings, Nancy.
      We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your opinion with us.

  2. Nancy

    “The power of mother’s prayer” mothers heart is full of pure love.And , prayer by her is direct from heart… answered prayer shows the trust she has in prayer….likewise we all can have trust and faith in the power of prayer and can see miracles happen in the lives of people we love….by daily saying a small prayer of thanks and care for all.
    Beautiful article…glad that the writer Mrs Reena Tiwari ?shared her experience with all of us. This will make others trust stronger in prayer.

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks a lot sister dear…for appreciating my thoughts and trust in prayers… I know prayers definitely connect each one of us to supreme power.
      Thanks once again…. I’ll keep on posting some more of my thoughts.. …

      1. Sushma Bhatia

        “The power of mother’s prayer”A beautiful,pure and powerful way to connect with God.when a mother prayers for her child, it’s really works because mother is a shadow of God.
        Godspeed, best wishes.

        1. Reena Tiwari

          Thanks for kind words and appreciation.

  3. Shivani K.Sinha

    Absolutely beautiful and very meaningful writeup Reena Di. I totally agree with the fact that Prayers are the most powerful way of connecting to that Supreme power .
    If prayers are pure then they do work wonders and miracles happen..

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks a lot for reading & appreciating my article
      It will definitely help me in sharing more of my thoughts… Thanks a lot…

  4. Parul Mathur

    Very nice article.It strengthens my belief in God.

    1. Smita Thakur

      Very nice & very meaningful article Reena mam….. Good going..

  5. Monika

    Very well expressed… truly the supreme power is always there to support and guide us through

  6. राधाकृष्ण पांडेय

    निश्चित ही प्रार्थना में बहुत शक्ति होती है और वह शक्ति आपके विश्वास की होती है।प्रार्थना एक वैज्ञानिक ढंग से कार्य करती है।ये आपके भीतर सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का संचार करती है और धीरे धीरे ये ऊर्जा आपके चारों ओर दिव्य ओरे का निर्माण करती है नकारात्मक शक्तियों को आपको नुकसान पहुँचाने से रोकती है।ये आपके मन को परिवर्तित करती है।जब हम विश्वास के साथ अपनी प्रर्थना को किसी एक दिशा में मोड़ देते है तो कुछ समय पश्चात परिणाम आने शुरु हो जाते है।लेकिन शांति से बैठकर अभयास की आवश्यकता होती है।ईश्वर पावर हाउस है और हम उससे उतनी ही शक्ति ग्रहण कर सकते है जितनी हममे क्षमता है,कमी ईश्वर में नही होती हमारी क्षमताओं में होती है।प्रार्थना हमे ईश्वर से जोड़ती है और जब हम जुड़ते है तो ईश्वरीय शक्तियाँ काम करने लगती है ठीक वैसे ही जैसे मोबाइल टावर हमारे मोबाइल को सेटेलाइट से जोड़ता है और सिग्नल हम तक पहुचने लगते है।जप,तप, ध्यान ये सब प्रार्थना के ही प्रकार है हम किसी भी प्रकार को चुन सकते है किंतु इसके पीछे जो मुख्य शक्ति होती है वो विश्वास की ही होती है।तभी तो विवेकानंद जी ने कहा है-“विश्वास,विश्वास,विश्वास स्वयं पर,विश्वास ,विश्वास,विश्वास ईश्वर पर यदि असपको 34 करोड़ देवी देवताओं पर विश्वास है किंतु खुद पर नही तो सब बेकार है।”लेखिका श्रीमती रीना तिवारी ने प्रार्थना की शक्ति को महसूस किया,अपने जीवन मे उतारा और उसका व्यवहारिक प्रयोग भी किया अतःआप बधाई की पात्र है,बहुत ही प्रभावी ढंग से आपने अपने अनुभव को इस लेख के माध्यम से बाँटा।

    1. Nancy

      Radhakrishna Pandey ji

      1. राधाकृष्ण पांडेय

        बहुत आभार आपका

    2. Reena Tiwari

      Bahut bhaut dhanyavaad sir….Aap ne hee hamay likhne k liye protsahit kiya… Iske liye shukriya…

    3. Sweety Bhalla

      Totaly Agreed that Prayer do the Miracle bcz I believe the Power of Pray . It’s a deep connection with God.When Mother do Prayer for her Child or her family It really works. She is pure and devoted. Reena Dear very well explained that how the prayer works . Mother is a creature of God .She is soft hearted and pure. Well explained and Heart Touching Article……..Reena ???

      1. Reena Tiwari

        Thanks for connecting with me & I appreciate your kind words and encouragement… Your comment is more of a blessing for me…. Thanks

  7. Karuna Khanna

    Reena maam it is very very true about the prayer with a pure heart,definitely helps in many ways.
    Wonderfully explained
    Great job and good going
    All the very best

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks for reading & trusting on me in my thoughts and prayers… I know prayers definitely connect each one of us to supreme power… Thanks for appreciating

  8. Archana Sharma

    Prayer is the best way to connect with GOD !! Very beautifully & wonderfully expressed ! Miracles do happen with complete faith in the Supreme Power. Ma’am Reena , a great start ! Best Wishes

    1. Reena Tiwari

      I am really blessed to have your comments on my article….. I know you are my inspiration.. Thanks for appreciating & supporting…

  9. Anita Dang

    Very Beautiful and Meaningful article. Truely defined that a prayer is a blessing..It’s the link that connects us with God.

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanku. Thanks for appreciating & motivating. Your support will definitely help me to express more of my thoughts… Thanks once again

  10. Kartik Tiwari

    Ma’am, I appreciate your insights.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best wishes

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks for connecting with me & appreciating & encouraging me….. Your comment is more of a blessing for me…. Thanks

    1. Vinayak Tiwari

      I truly loved this and appreciating from the bottom of my heart and mother is the only human being which we considers as God although both mom and dad are god for every children but the power of mom’s prayer is something above the sky with which none can compete and take that position.

      I love my mummy

  11. Mona Chopra

    Wonderful ma’am…your words touched my heart…may God bless u & ur family…& answer all ur prayers.❤

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks for appreciating & connecting with me..

    2. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks you so much.

  12. Manish Sinha

    Just wow… Very good topic…. Words selection and writing content is too good…??????

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks a lot

  13. Shalini Braganza

    Very beautifully expressed ma’am. Praying daily certainly brings us a step closer to God. It’s the only connecting and powerful source to God. May all your prayers be granted. Amen

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks a lot. I appreciate your kind words.

  14. Amrita

    Beautiful di!!!!Amazing Write-Up!!!

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks for appreciation, dear.

  15. Shraddha Jeswani

    Reena, You have beautifully expressed your thoughts here….I do believe in prayers n have experienced miracles in my own life .May god bless you and your family always.

  16. Sharmila Muthye

    Beautifully penned Reena!Infact I am a strong believer in prayers…..and have experienced the power of prayers many a times.
    It just makes the world a better place to live…as it spreads positivity around .
    Keep sharing!

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Thanks for appreciating… Now I understand that not only me.. But each one of us are strong believer of supreme power which protect us in time of storms….

  17. Asha sharma

    ‘प्रार्थना’ अंतर्मन को शुद्ध और सकारात्मक बनाती है। हृदय की व्यथा को दूर करती है । प्रार्थना में बहुत शक्ति होती है। रीना मेम आपके द्वारा लिखे प्रेरक लेख को पढ़ कर प्रार्थना के प्रति विश्वास और बढ़ गया। धन्यवाद !?

  18. Mitul datta

    Very true dear,the best way to live with.god bless you.

  19. Shilpi Bhattacharya

    Very nice post reena……padh kar bahuut aacha laga. I too believe in prayers and hv experienced the power of almighty…just hv faith on him.Send more post…….

    1. Reena Tiwari

      I am really feeling blessed by your words of encouragement

  20. सुरेश चंद्र वर्मा

    रीना बेटे मा के प्यार,स्नेह,दुलार और अनुशासन का चित्रण बहुत ही अच्छे और सोम्य तरीके से तुमने किया है वह विचारणीय है तुम्हें बहुत बहुत साधुवाद….सुरेशवर्मा….

    1. Reena Tiwari

      Bahut bahut dhanyavaad uncle….. Bas sab aapka ashirwaad hai

  21. Sonika Shrivastava

    Beautiful expression of a mom’s heart, I do believe in prayers and it’s the only powerful source to connect with God. May God bless you all….

  22. Kiran Arora

    Very nice, encouraging and inspiring experience

  23. Shehbaz Saleem

    Greatly expressed the belief in Almighty with the connection of prayers. Reena ma’am, its really good.Keep it up??

  24. Swati Jain

    Very beautiful and inspiring blog Ma’am.I do believe in the miracle power of prayer.Its quite difficult to explain in words but it gives us divine guidance. Looking forward for many more blogs by You.

  25. Swati Jain

    Very nice and inspiring post ma’am. I do believe in the power of prayers.As it is very difficult to express in words but prayers do have powers to show us divine guidance.

  26. Swati Jain

    very nice n inspiring blog.I do believe in the powres and miracle of prayers.As it is difficult to explain in words but it has power to show us divine guidance.

  27. Sujatha Manchala

    Awesome write up…

  28. swadha deshkar

    डिअर रीना मैडम
    आपकी लेखनी के बारे में क्या लिखे? अपनी मन कि भावनाओं को आपने बहुत ही सुंदरता से व्यक्त किया है। ईश्वर में आस्था , विश्वास और प्रयत्न शीलता हमे अपने लक्ष्य तक अवश्य पहुचाती है आपकी कहानी इसका प्रत्यक्ष उदाहरण है। आप ईश्वर के सानिध्य में ऐसे ही प्रगतिशील रहे ।शुभकामनाओ सहित
    आपकी अपनी,

  29. Sunanda

    Awesome article. Keep the good work.

  30. aarti grover

    Dear Reena
    first of all kudos to u for such an initiative and inspiring us ,the blog is really amazing i wish you all the very best and keep your blogs coming beautifully penned……

  31. vaishali

    beautifully executed . ….all d best for Aarav’s future definitely sky z d limit for him..

  32. Gunjan..

    Fabulous article Reena.. Myself being a strong believer that sincere prayers help us in having a positive attitude , this article will definitely help many to find a way towards Hope and Positivity..

  33. Parvinder Kori

    Ma’am overwhelmed by your words..
    Really a boon for me in this present situation.
    You are a true guide and a well wisher.
    Keep writing for us.

  34. Parvinder Kori

    Dear Ma’am
    Ur article enormously enhanced my positive energy.
    Ma’am overwhelmed by your words..
    Really a boon for me in this present situation.
    You are a true guide and a well wisher.
    Keep writing for us.

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