10 Daily Habits That Waste Your Time 

Whether you are happy or unhapppy, successful or unsuccessful, 

your life is a result of your habits.

Wipe out these 10 habits from your life.

1. Procrastination "I will do it later." "I'll start tomorrow." ''Internet's down.'' Procrastination is one of the most common habits people are addicted to.

2. Snoozing Hitting the snooze button has a detrimental affect on mental health. Also snoozing can acttually affect your whole day.

3. Social Media Although it has many benefits, excessive use of spending time on it can affect your personalility and behaviour.

4. Online Window Shopping Endless scrolling and adding items to your cart but never actually buying is completely a waste of your valuable time.

5. Watching Television Television is good for entertainment but excess of it can turn you into a couch potato . It has additional negative effects too.

6. Checking notifications Push notifications distracts user from his goal and kills productivity. It forces our brain to switch between the tasks and takes time to regain focus.

7. Unnecessary Conversation If your goals are big then engaging in useless talks are  not your cup of tea. Rather invest in quality conversation.

8. Clutter Clutter not only waste a lot of your time but increases visual distractions and reduces inability to focus.

9. Excuses It also depletes your energy. Focus on time management instead of making excuses. Utilize your time in an ideal way.

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."

- Jim Rohn

Change your habits,  change your life.